Driven by a powerful yet highly energy-efficient V8 6.7L turbo diesel engine  mounted on a modified Ford chassis, the 4×4 SandCat’s acceleration, speed and maneuverability enable it to get in and out of tight situations fast – even when it’s carrying up to 12 fully equipped fighters. A true all-terrain vehicle, the SandCat is able to ford streams, cross trenches, climb vertical steps, handle steep inclines and hazardous side slopes and to cruise at speed across sand, rocks, mud and ice. With acceleration of 0-60mph (96.5km/h) in 23 seconds, electronically limited top speeds of 75mph—120km/h, and a tight 40ft/12.3m turing circle, the SandCat delivers outstanding on and off-road performance.

SandCat – high performance, all-terrain 4×4 for every arena. 



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