StormRider: greater mobility and protection for Plasan’s SandCat

The last 15 years have seen a constant evolution of Plasan’s SandCat, the
4×4 light armoured vehicle developed by the Israeli company
headquartered in Sasa, some 50 km north-east of Haifa, along the border
with Lebanon.
In the last two years, the company made a quantum jump, developing a
new version of its successful 4×4 named StormRider, which differs completely from the previous models as it is a full structural monocoque
fitted with independent suspensions.
The latter can cope with the increased gross vehicle weight, 11,500 kg
versus the 9,300 kg of the heaviest declination of the chassis-based SandCat,
the M-LPV (Mine-protected Light Patrol Vehicle).

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